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Opening Keynote
Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun Hung, JP, Secretary for Education, Education Bureau, The Government of the HKSAR
Keynote Speech: Six Seismic Shifts in VPET
Mr. Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General, Finnish National Agency for Education, Finland

Presentation File:
Presentation Materials by Mr Heinonen.pdf  file_download

Keynote Speech: Making Vocational Education Work in A Changing World
Professor Sir Chris Husbands, Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Presentation File:
Presentation Materials by Professor Sir Chris Husbands.pdf  file_download

Plenary Session: Applied Education & Future Skills in The Digital Era
Professor Christina Hong, President, Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong
Panel Members:
Professor Dr. Philipp Gonon, Director of the Institute of Education, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Dr. Sean Gallagher, Director, Centre for the New Workforce, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
Mr. Andrew Chong, Chairman, Institute of Technical Education, Singapore

Presentation File:
CNeW_National_Survey_Report.pdf  file_download
Presentation Materials by Dr Sean Gallagher.pdf  file_download
Presentation Materials by Mr Andrew Chong.pdf  file_download

Thematic Session: Why Workplace Training Counts
Mr. Eric Pang Yiu Hung, JP, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, The Government of the HKSAR
Panel Members:
Mr. Josh Williams, Principal International Consultant, Skills International, New Zealand
Mr. Kevin O'Brien, Chief Executive, The Jardine Engineering Corporation Limited, Hong Kong
Mr. Carl-Fredrik Zachrisson, Managing Director, Scania (Hong Kong) Limited, Hong Kong
Mr. Patrick Wong, Executive General Manager, Operations Support, Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, Hong Kong

Presentation File:
Presentation Materials by Josh Williams.pdf  file_download

Thematic Session: Skills Change Lives - Fostering Talent at Young Age
Mr. Jeff Streeter, Director, The British Council, Hong Kong
Panel Members:
Ms. Grace Suh, Vice President, Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, IBM Corporation, United States of America
Ms. Low Khah Gek, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Technical Education, Singapore
Mr. David Hoey, Chief Executive Officer, WorldSkills International
Mr. John Morrison, Principal, Lincoln University Technical College, United Kingdom
Mr. Jerry Kwok, Principal, Youth College (International),
Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong

Presentation File:
Presentation Materials by Jerry Kwok v04 .pdf  file_download
Presentation Materials by Ms Low.pdf  file_download

Thematic Session: AI, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity…
Are Digital Skills Enough for Workplace?
Mr. Tony Tai Chark-tong, Chairman, Vocational Training Council,
Hong Kong
Panel Members:
Ms. Sophia Leung, Managing Director, Head of Governance,
Risk & Control for Cybersecurity & Technology Controls and
Firmwide Technology Control Manager,
JP Morgan Chase, Hong Kong
Mr. Thomas Leubner, Head of Global Learning and Education,
Siemens, Germany
Mr. Ron Tam, Co-founder, ClinicOne, Hong Kong
Mr. Peter Liu, Managing Director, Asianet Consultants Limited, Hong Kong

Presentation File:
Presentation Materials by Ron Tam.pdf  file_download
Presentation Materials by Thomas LEUBNER.pdf  file_download

Reflection Session: Who's Driving VPET 2020 & Beyond?
Dr. Carrie Yau, GBS, JP, Executive Director, Vocational Training Council, Hong Kong
Mr. Robo Yeung, R&D Engineer, ASM Pacific Technology Limited, Hong Kong
Ms. Pearl So, WorldSkills Champions Trust - Representative for Asia, WorldSkills International

Presentation File:
Mission for Next Decade and Beyond_2020_0518.pdf  file_download